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Tokyo Ladies
Hash House
Announcement (Japanese Version, 日本語版)
01 October
TLH3 will keep continue Membership system from Oct. and We made some new rules listed below:

1) Member fee will be 6000yen for 6 months from Oct.2020 to March 2021.
2) Visitor fee(hash cash) will be 500yen this time.
3) We will provide beer, water, and some snacks at finish.
But 2 beers per parson ONLY!!!
4) Please try to bring your own cups.
5) No onon Parties will be held until next year But this may change if the situation improves.
Please stay safe and well. See you next Wednesday!

Start at 7:20 pm
(unless otherwise indicated)

Visitor fee incl. virgins: 1000 yen /
Membership fee for a half year

On-On fee: 3000 yen
(unless otherwise indicated)

One hare per run can get a discount on ONON fee (1,000 yen)

Pictures on Flickr with 'TLH3'

Run #: 1934
Date: 28 Oct
Venue: Yurakucho,Ginza
JR Yamanote-line[Ginza Exit]
Tokyo Metro Ginza-line,Marunouchi-line[Exit C2]
Hash Cash:1,000 Yen
ONON: Sukiyabashi Park

Hare: Halloween Run!! Please wear Halloween Costume !!


Run #: 1935
Date: 04 Nov
Venue: Takadanobaba
JR and Tozai-line Waseda Exit

Hare: Door F**cker

Run #: 1936
Date: 11 Nov
Venue: Shirokane-Takanawa
Tokyo Metro Nanboku line and Toeimita-line Exit 3 ONLY
ONON: Arrows from Shirokane-Takanawa

Hare: Hare\'s 40th Hashing Anniversary run!


Run #: 1937
Date: 18 Nov
Venue: TBA
Hare: Nada Johnny Tonight