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Tokyo Ladies
Hash House
Start at 7:20 pm
(unless otherwise indicated)

Visitor fee incl. virgins: 1000 yen /
Membership fee for a half year

On-On fee: 3000 yen
(unless otherwise indicated)

One hare per run can get a discount on ONON fee (1,000 yen)

Pictures on Flickr with 'TLH3'

Run #: 1959
Date: 21 Apr
Venue: Ebisu
Tokyo Metro Hibiya line(Exit 4), JR Yamate-line(West exit, please go left hand side after the ticket gate)
ONON: Ebisu Park

Hare: SOMF

Run #: 1960
Date: 28 Apr
Venue: Edogawabashi
Tokyo Metro Yurakucho line[Exit 1a]
ONON: Edogawa Park

Hare: Nada Johnny Tonight

Run #: 1961
Date: 05 May
Venue: Takeshiba

Hare: Nikudoko